Naruto: The Way of the Ninja 2.0

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Fight game protagonized by the popular manga character Naruto.

Naruto is a manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto which has the young Naruto Uzumaki as the main character. The big success of Naruto made it easy to transfer to cartoon, shown with equal success on Tolyo TV.

But there was always a version for the PC missing, which is now offered here. Naruto: The Way of the Ninja is a fight game between three characters: the already mentioned Naruto Uzumaki, plus Sasuke Uchiba and Sakura, three aspirants to become a great warrior. Get ready to enter a fabulous anime world featuring epic battles and lots of fighting. In the Konoha villa, located in the Land of Fire, a demon called Kyuubi wants to destroy the Universe, and Naruto and his colleagues have to use all their martial arts skills to stop him. You can choose from various game modes, finding the one that suits your gaming style the best. Start off in individual mode and see how long you last. There is also a Survival mode, but why not get some friends together and play with or against each other in the Multiplayer mode? Choose your character and get ready to take on the challenges offered to you in Naruto: The Way of the Ninja and prove you are the best and a worthy champion.

Naruto: The Way of the Ninja has an air of manga and has great graphics, all of which guarantees fun. And because it's free, you won't stop smiling while you fight!


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